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Spelt Sourdough – Low FODMAP 650g


This Spelt Sourdough loaf has been developed to suit the gluten-sensitive consumer and the IBS sufferer and was certified by Monash University to be low FODMAP.

A traditional, rustic spelt loaf, made by the ancient, long fermentation method and so is “real sourdough”.

Spelt is an old relation of wheat with a very hard grain and moderate gluten, which has not undergone the modern breeding methods. It has retained all of its nutritional qualities, giving this sourdough loaf a very attractive aroma and nutty flavor. Contains only premium quality spelt flour, filtered water, linseeds, almond meal, sunflower seeds and sea salt and has no yeast, preservatives or any additives. Naturally low in GI and high in dietary fibre! This is one of the healthiest bread products on the market today AND it tastes great!

Product Description

Nutrition Information Panel

Servings per package    12
Serving size    59g (2 slices)

Average quantity per 100g

Energy 1139kj
Protein 11.1g
Fat, total 6.5g
– trans <0.1g
– monounsaturated 1.8g
– polyunsaturated 3.8g
Carbohydrate 38g
sugars 0.7g
Sodium 253mg
Fibre 8g

Additional Information

Weight 0.65 kg
Dimensions 12 x 8 x 13 cm
Optional Slicing

sliced, unsliced