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Historic Arnott Bakehouse re-opens!

There has been no recorded use of the Historic Arnott Bakehouse over the last 100 years and now after 12 years of restoration by the Arnott family, the Bakehouse has now re-opened for use as […]

Morpeth Store now online

After 12 years of successful retailing at our sourdough bakery in Morpeth, we would like to thank all of the fabulous customers who have been to our shop and supported us. There have been many […]

  • MSD Spelt 1

Our Spelt Sourdough now certified by Monash University low FODMAP program

After 12-18 months of rigorous product development and a scientific hunch our Spelt Sourdough has now been certified by the Monash University low FODMAP program.

Where did this come from? I had the knowledge for years […]

  • MSD Porridge

Our new Multigrain Porridge with BARLEYmax (TM)

Our new winter porridge, Morpeth Multigrain Porridge with BARLEYmaxTM is very special. It contains a superfood, a grain utilising one of the novel, natural, plant breeding programs producing grains with enhanced properties for health. We […]

  • MSD Deluxe

We won….Royal Melbourne Fine Food awards

Royal Melbourne Fine Food Show – we are so grateful for this recognition

2014 & 2013  Silver Medal…Morpeth Muesli Berry Multigrain
2014   Silver Medal…Morpeth Muesli Deluxe Oven Baked
2013  Bronze Medal…Morpeth European style Gingerbread

Why is sourdough bread good for us?

Sourdough is more digestible than standard loaves and more nutritious too. Lactic acids make the vitamins and minerals in the flour more available to the body by helping neutralise the phytates in flour that would […]

What is Sourdough?

Sourdough is a bread made from the natural occurring yeast and bacteria in flour.  In traditional sourdough recipes, you’ll find three ingredients:  sourdough starter (which consists of flour and water), salt and flour.  There is […]