Our new winter porridge, Morpeth Multigrain Porridge with BARLEYmaxTM is very special. It contains a superfood, a grain utilising one of the novel, natural, plant breeding programs producing grains with enhanced properties for health. We all need more fibre in our diets and traditionally this was not so difficult. But with the highly-processed food industry of today, you need to be pretty savvy to sift through the supermarket shelves to come out with a trolley of healthy foods. In fact, add the marketing veil and it seems near impossible.

Remember those mums carrying the little “food numbers guide” through the supermarket, trying to decifer what those food numbers were and which foods to avoid. It felt good to feel empowered but gosh it took up so much time. Thankfully, the Australian food standards and labelling are wising-up to the tricks that some food companies use to get you to buy their products.

But really, wholefoods, minimally processed foods, ones that offer more fibre, less chemicals, less any additives is a good place to start. Once  you get going, it gets easier, much easier. Start with just trying to buy protein (meats/chicken/fish/lentils), fruit & veggies, wholegrains (bread/cereals) and dairy then head to the aisles to get your washing powder etc and work with it. There’s plenty of blogs and recipe sites to help you put all of these staples into meals and snacks, to make really awesome food for your family.

Getting back to my point, our Multigrain Porridge with BARLEYmaxTM offers you a wholesome, nutritious breakfast cereal, low GI and contains no numbers at all. Here is how BARLEYmaxTM compares:

Compared to a refined grain, BARLEYmaxTM wholegrains feature:
– 75% more fibre
– 60% more iron and thiamine
– 80% more folate

More info on BARLEYmaxTM, the healthy grain:

Developed by CSIRO scientists, BARLEYmaxTM wholegrains represent the next evolution of superfoods, an enhanced wholegrain.

The credentials of BARLEYmaxTM begin with it’s history. It was bred using traditional plant breeding processes, and is 100% GM free. The enhanced wholegrain discovered by Dr Morell and his team at the CSIRO contains two times the dietary fibre and four times the resistant starch of a regular grain.

It’s health benefits were researched by scientists in Australia at the CSIRO. The benefits that resistant starch provides to digestive health are internationally recognised by government health bodies.

Find out more about the history of BARLEYmax.