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The Historic Arnott Bakehouse is now open, after a 12 year restoration program through the NSW Heritage Office and Maitland City Council.

This original c.1851 bakehouse is where William Arnott, the biscuit entrepeneur and his brother David, baked bread and ship’s biscuits in the 1860’s and is now owned by Stephen and Allison Arnott.  Stephen is the great, great, great grandson of William Arnott and is following his footsteps of producing sourdough bread for the township of Morpeth. Stephen now distributes his authentic sourdough throughout NSW and his award-wining range of Morpeth Muesli throughout Australia.

Morpeth Sourdough is now available at the original shopfront of the building, retailing fresh sourdough from Wednesday to Sunday and Morpeth Sourdough’s award winning range of premium Muesli, sourdough crispbreads, croutons and yummy European style Gingerbread.

Opening times

We are open 10am to 4pm Wednesday to Sunday.

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Wholesale Inquiries

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National Baking Industry Association

We are artisan-baker certified.


Real Sourdough

Our policy is truth in labelling; we will tell you exactly what is in our products, so you can make an informed choice at the point of purchase.

Our Sourdough bread is real sourdough, it contains only flour, water and salt, undergoing a long fermentation of 28 hours. If the ingredients list on bread labelled “sourdough” contains yeast or has been fermented under 20 hours, then it is not real sourdough.

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HACCP Certified

We are HACCP certified, to guarantee your food safety.

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Answer: Sourdough is the ancient leavened bread-making process.
Answer: A process. Sourdough is the process of making bread using the naturally occurring microorganisms. At no point in the process is Baker’s yeast used.
Answer: Yes, Stephen Arnott, co-owner of Morpeth Sourdough is the great, great, great grandson of William Arnott, who founded Arnott’s Biscuits.
Answer: Morpeth Sourdough uses the authentic sourdough process which takes over 30 hours to produce, having a fermentation time around 22 hours.
Answer: No, we do not use and have never used Baker’s yeast in our product or in our bakery.
Answer: Yes, it is naturally low GI and has been tested at a leading Australian University with a result of 54.
Answer: No, we use only flour, filtered water and sea salt. There are no preservatives or additives used in our bakery.
Answer: No, an authentic sourdough bread is baker’s yeast-free, preservative-free and also is free from any additives. It should only contain flour, water and salt.
Answer: After purchase, take the loaf out of the plastic bag and wrap in a linen tea towel, store in a cool place in the kitchen. Our sourdough also freezes well.
Answer: Morpeth Sourdough is sold all over NSW, for an outlet near you, please email us with your suburb or postcode and we will respond with details of nearest outlet.