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The original site where William Arnott, the biscuit baker and his brother David baked bread and ship’s biscuits in the 1860s. Now owned by Stephen and Allison Arnott, Stephen is following in his great, great, great grandfather’s footsteps of producing sourdough bread for the township of Morpeth.

Morpeth Sourdough is available at the original shop at the front of the building retailing fresh sourdough from Wednesday to Sunday. Also available is Morpeth Sourdough’s new award winning range of premium Muesli, sourdough crispbreads, croutons and yummy European style Gingerbread.

Opening times

Bakery open 10am to 4pm Wednesday to Friday and 9am to 4pm on Saturday and Sunday.

Online Shop

If you can’t get to Morpeth, then visit our online shop instead. We have great deals for deliveries Australia-wide.

We are now offering online all the beautiful, regional condiments from our store in Morpeth. So jump onto the online shop for some great deals!

Royal Melbourne Fine Food Show – winners again!

2014 & 2013  Silver Medal…Morpeth Muesli Berry Multigrain
2014   Silver Medal…Morpeth Muesli Deluxe Oven Baked
2013  Bronze Medal…Morpeth European style Gingerbread


National Baking Industry Association

We are artisan-baker certified.


Truth in Labeling

Our policy is truth in labeling; we will tell you exactly what is in our products, so you can make an informed choice at the point of purchase.

Our Sourdough bread is real sourdough containing only flour, water and salt and undergoes long fermentation of 28 hours. If the ingredients list on other “sourdough bread” contains yeast or has been fermented under 20 hours, then it is not real sourdough.

Support the Baker’s who make the real stuff!

HACCP Certified

We are HACCP certified, to guarantee your food safety.

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Does Morpeth Sourdough contain any preservatives or additives?
Is sourdough bread gluten-free?
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